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Museum invites you to visit a new exhibition in Kremnica

Hasan Fazlić is the well known artist worldwide.

He was born in Lipnica (around city of Tuzla, now Bosnia and Herczegovina ) in 1937. Since 1964 he has been a professional caricaturist and illustrator. Member of the Union of Journalists of Bosnia- Herzegovina, Union of Applied Arts Artists and the International Fine Arts Group INTERART (Stuttgart). Apart from regulary publishing cartoons in the newspaper „Oslobodenie“, his works were also published in number of Yugoslavian publication. He was awarded several international prizes. Magazines and newspapers from countries like Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc. also published his cartoons. Today, cartoons and humoristic and satiric drawings of Hasan Fazlić are part of museum and private collations around the world.

He created series of cartoons named “čampraz” (a child shouting during sledding) during the XIVth Winter Olympic Games 1984 in Sarajevo. Seventeen of these were chosen and organizers created 50 special sets numbered and signed by Fazlic. These sets were presented as the Mayor of Sarajevo´ gift to selected representatives from Olympic movement.

František Chmelár, the Honorary Slovak Olympic Committee President donated the set No. 12/50 to the Slovak Olympic and Sport Museum in 2017.

The exhibition will be opened during the Festival Kremnické gagy 2018:

Friday: 3 p. m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday: 12 a.m. – 6 p. m.

Sunday: 11 a.m. -16 p. m.

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